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The professionals at Aspire Speech & Learning Center provide assessments in the core areas of speech and language and in related areas such as learning, swallowing, feeding, cognitive functioning, and processing.


Our goal is to understand each person in their life context and determine the role and impact of speech, language, or learning on the ability to function optimally. Coming to an appropriate diagnosis is the first step in understanding what is the best treatment plan for each individual.


One way to think about assessment is to divide communication skills into Content, Form, Use, Learning, and Foundations of Oral Speech.

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Processing of language

Vocabulary and concept knowledge

Comprehension of spoken and written language

Verbal and written expression of language

Cognition in dementia


Speech production

and articulation

Grammatical order and structure of words

Understanding nonverbal language such as gestures, facial expressions, and timing

The melody of speech


Pragmatic language

Social language

Accent modification


Learning style

Personality strengths

Academic skills



Oral motor skills

Orofacial strength



Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Our Assessments

Academic Performance Assessment

Content, Learning

Our academic assessments identify what your child's academic strengths are and where the barriers lie to better performance.

Complete Speech & Language Assessment

Content, Form, Use, Learning, Foundations of Oral Speech

We offer evaluations of every area of speech and language for all ages.

Learning Disability Assessment

Content, Learning

Completing a speech and language evaluation and academic assessment gives a clear description of your child's strengths and weaknesses and how to help improve their performance at school and in life.

Language Processing Assessment

Content, Form, Use

What do you do with all the language information you hear, read, or think about?  Language processing affects all that we do, and this disability can be difficult to distinguish from attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Myofunctional Assessment

Form, Foundations of Oral Speech

Working closely with your dentist or orthodontist, our therapists determine the best course of therapy to improve your child's swallowing.

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